Wednesday 10 July 2013

How I Got Started: Part Two

Where was I? Oh yeah 2005, I ditched the whole greetings card thing because I found manufacturing them way too expensive. On reflection, I could've tried a bit harder but I didn't have the inclination to sell them to a card company either, I don't even recall if I tried to do that. Though I did fantasise about it once or twice because I remember wanting to draw a picture of me waving the little bastards goodbye.

Got a Webby:
Next stage was to have a website to sell myself as a freelancer: My first website looked quite different and is lost unfortunately, well, saved somewhere perhaps amongst a stack of CD's. Though I did find one image from it:

 It was styled like this, pretty cool eh?

Oh yeh, forgot to say "obtained" a copy of Dreamweaver 4 and learned how to use it via the medium of books: "Dreamweaver 4 for Dummies."

Got Artwork:
Obviously starting out in freelance, what work will you have? Nothing. Well, perhaps some conceptual crap left over from university, but I always found that having a website entirely of university projects especially the dross I had churned out, is a bad idea. A friend of mine also advised me that potential clients want to see skill and enthusiasm over a list of other clients. I was supposed to like drawing right? So I made artwork. Plus I enjoyed making it, getting views on Deviant Art, and I've always been a sucker for not living in reality.

This He-Man vs Lion-O pic was the amongst the first I
whacked down on my site back in 2005. Available to 
purchase as a print on Etsy: HERE

"I Hate Mushrooms" 2007 also available as a print: HERE

I'll create another post featuring more of my artwork soon. Worth noting that this process is a long one (that second pic being from 2007). In-between those years, other things happened too such as my first ever commission which I'll show you in the next post...

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