Monday 4 September 2023

Monday 24 October 2022

FTG Logo Animation

 So I animated a logo...

...Using Photoshop frames

No luck with GIFs so here's youtube upload. 

Here's the final logo, I actually worked backwards,
animating the little people running out and then 
played in reverse.
Looks okay though, it worked. Each character was given the illusion of speed by adding a blur. I enjoyed this a lot but really need to get my hands on After Effects or some other animation package.

Massive thanks to Liz for hiring and to Frenkel Topping Group.

Thursday 20 October 2022

Starburst Magazine #479

 With halloween quickly aproaching, we are reminded of the blah blah blah... intro platitude. 

I was hired to create the cover of Manchester's very own Starburst Magazine. Several years ago I made four covers back-to-back and now I have returned to this lovely publication.

Well, I say lovely. The theme of this particular cover is horror. Featuring a host of horror icons, this cover was as much about layout trickery as drawing because the characters are all crammed in tighter than a mall full of zombies.

Bruce Campbell, synonymous with cult,
horror; Evil Dead, practically a shoe-in.

And the final cover with adjustments

Alien, Dracula (Christopher Lee), Buffy, Eleven (Stranger Things) and The Creature from the Black Lagoon are all strutting their stuff, but if Texas Chainsaw Massacre-ing isn't your thing, order the magazine anyway. It's full of reviews, articles and all sorts. Stay in the loop with Starburst, order yours today!! 

Reel Britannia

I illustrated a couple of episodes of "Reel Britannia" currently screening on Britbox; about the British film industry, featuring the likes of director Bruce Robinson (Withnail and I). 

#film #withnailandI #britbox #paulmcgann #richardegrant #wine #lighterfluid #drink

Bruce Robinson (Withnail and I)

Joan Littlewood (Oh, What a Lovely War - theatre)

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Pets again, sorry (not sorry).

I'm thankful to all who hired me. I enjoy it and they're pretty nice and straight forward: I get photo, I return drawing. bish bash bosh. 

Photos I get are usually low-res, sometimes a couch or chair leg might be obscuring the animal, which if not too obstructing can be removed by me. Sometimes the lighting is poor, sometimes a background too distracting. My job therefore is to use that imperfect spur-of-the-moment photo, remove the background (though not necessarily) and turn it into something more permanent, more focused. Pretentious diatribe over, just look at the friggin' dogs. 
 Dawg 1.
 Dawg 2.
Dawg 3.

Monday 13 January 2020

Just a quick portrait comparison

A couple of portraits from last year, both in black and grey ink. One cartoony in style and one a bit more straight laced, though faces weren't exaggerated at all in either. Something to think about for yourselves.

Two good friends of ours, from 
Chorlton Runners' running club! 
They run in lots of different countries,
and have two cats. Also, he turned 40
and she bought this for him. 

Tuesday 3 December 2019


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This image is from the "Mr. Alzheimer's" activity pack. It's a precursor to the children's school book created earlier this year: 

Courtesy of creators Emma Smith (AgeUK Salford) and Joy Watson (campaigner).