Monday 26 January 2015

Microsoft "Cortana" (not a Ford Cortina).

I created storyboards for a Microsoft "Cortana" advert starring BMX ace Danny MacAskill. The final ad is available to watch right HERE (you tube). Once again, that's me creating images for Microsoft, a fairly big deal and hopefully a platform to get more storyboard work.

Cortana is described as "an intelligent personal assistant on Windows Phones, PC's and tablets." Conversely I used pretty much the oldest media in human civilization in order to help THEM visualise an advert that probably cost many £millions to make.

I don't use a smart phone or a tablet so this is was all news to me... nor have they sent me one for my efforts!

There are 15 frames in total, created with pencil and a brush pen. My preferred method is to fit three frames on one sheet of A4 paper with each frame at 16 x 9cm ...conforming to the now standard 16:9 ratio. This leaves room for any notes on the sides, for either the client or for me to clarify the action.

Got it? Good!

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Rainbow Frite

Where will you find a load of transsexual super-villains on a wet Wednesday morning? Here, that's where! More specifically here, LINK if you go and order the book right now.

The author is Armani Prinsloo, the 
illustrator is me.

Featuring characters such as Vladiman Poo Tang, Diet Popstitute, and Frite's overuse of the word "betch" (you'll end up saying it, trust me.) Perhaps the most insane thing I've illustrated since "The Adventures of Bastard." ...Actually it's a close tie. 

The story features villains on top of villains.
Similarities to real life unsavory persons purely 
coincidental of course *wink, nudge.


Thursday 15 January 2015

Teenage Mutant Ninja "Hero" Turtles

Remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Well, let's face it, we're not allowed to forget those green bastards. Except that over here in the UK, they were called "Hero" Turtles until some time around the mid 90's. ...That small fact, we UK residents would be allowed to forget, were it not for some man-child without a proper job reminding you.

Anyway, last summer I had the joyous task of creating the collector's cover for Starburst Magazine issue 403 and it turned out to be Turtles themed.

I wanted it to look like the original comics, with the all white eyes and yet acknowledge the cartoon with the blue, orange, red and purple of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello respectively. ..."Transformed from the norm by the nuclear goop" as the rap goes.

Also, the scribbles remind me of a child going over his older brother's comic with a felt tip.   

 Just to prove I'm not making it up. ^