Friday 20 June 2014

The Apes of Wrath

 "Damn you all to hell!"

Followers of my Facebook page will know about this, however, there are extra bonuses in this blog, including a tutorial below - sort of.

I have just fulfilled an ambition: front cover of Starburst Magazine (out now!) It is the UK's longest running magazine of "cult" entertainment, beginning with a Star Wars cover back in the 70's. Speaking as someone who likes science fiction films, comics, horror (well, parts of) and several other things of that ilk then this is a big deal for me.

Little over half a year ago I did a Rocket Raccoon (Guardians of the Galaxy) poster for the very same mag, so I must have done well with my scribbling for them to call me back for something more prominent. The cover in question is the alternative Planet of the Apes cover. Which I like to think of as the retro apes cover; there is another cover which acknowledges the new movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (a title which sounds like it needs shortening.)

I'll go through the process for anyone interested.

1) Scamps (or sketches) I only made two...because I don't always (if ever) think a ton of sketches is a good idea, preferring one or two at a time. Anyway the one they went for was this:

2) I created the elements separately. This allowed me to move everything freely in Photoshop. So the apes and background elements such as the Statue of Liberty were drawn by hand and scanned in, looking like this:

3) Drag the elements together on screen and colour them. The rocky backdrop was done with a mouse. So I sent them this (minus signature):

4) Lastly they added their own magazine logo of an appropriate colour:

Ta-Daaaaaa!!!! - I have my copy.

Tuesday 10 June 2014

After Eden

Promotional work for music group "After Eden."

Involved creating a logo and turning a photograph into a comic-book style image. Tools used: ink and pencils including some tracing. The group have a Facebook page here:

 The band with logo...

...And the logo on it's own.

Monday 9 June 2014

Keyman Vs Death

A mock-comic book cover for a corporate insurance company. 

The "Death" concept was mine; the brief originally was that a businessman was ill so "Keyman" was to save the day (...essentially wrestling the company profits from all the red tape). I felt I needed to draft in a villain in order to make it work as a single comic book cover.

Tools used: pencil, paper, brush pen, photoshop. ...That is all. So, if you own a business or corporate enterprise, check them out In fact if you're rich and powerful, commission me whilst you're at it!

Keyman punches Death in the face.
One can't help but think of He-Man  
(because Keyman sounds like He-Man)
and Skeletor (because he looks like Death).