Monday 20 March 2017

My Charity Art Auction for The National Autistic Society

A big hello to readers of my blog. Hope you're all doing well, whoever you are! Or should that be "whomever"?

I am currently running an art auction on my facebook page. As the title of this post suggests, it's in aid of The National Autistic Society. I have always had an empathy for those with the condition, it speaks to my own social awkwardness and obsessiveness although I cannot begin to comprehend a world with such aspects ramped up several notches. Nor can I understand the trauma sufferend by parents and guardians of the afflicted.

Fortunately some help is at hand in the form of a wonderful charity: The National Autistic Society. LINK < click that to discover the great work they do.

Now on to the meat of the post. I am attempting to raise £500 by selling as many A4 sized artworks as it takes in order to reach that goal. The auction is currently in full swing and taking place on my facebook page LINK, bids are placed in the comments section. A drawing is auctioned for up to a week before being posted to the winner after he or she has donated the winning bid to MY JUST GIVING PAGE. Then a new piece immediately goes up for auction.

Postage is free to the entire world!! So there's no reason not to bid, unless you are completely broke and/or hate my scribbles... kind of acceptable, though it makes me sad.

So far I've sold two, the third did NOT sell. Which also makes me sad.

"1995 AD" (featuring Judge Lance Ito) SOLD for £30!!

 "Biggles Vs Giant Wasps" SOLD for £50!!

 "Arnold as Conan" UNSOLD

"Tall Order Skeletor" currently on auction until 
Wednesday 22nd March at 10pm GMT

Anyone is welcome to donate regardless and to contact me about that unsold pic of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I am open to selling it after the fact via a donation to the Just Giving page LINK. Happy bidding, remember to like that facebook page for updates and of course to get in on the action!