Thursday 20 June 2013

Art For Starters ...or how I got started in freelance PART 1

Sick Animals:

I was for the last few years, somewhat half-embarrassed and half bemused whenever I thought about my final major graphic design project at university, recalling that it involved cartoon animals. Moreover that these animals are depicted killing each other and being generally vile in ways that only school children would find amusing. Now, on reflection and with the passage of time, I can just about comfort myself with the idea that it showed "some" initiative on my part. 

Back in 2004, I had decided to come up with a range of greetings cards that was both fun and something that I could make money out of when I was let loose into the big bad world post-uni (The University of Salford).
 They even had a logo, typeface and
vomit-inducing range of T-shirts that
no one in their right mind would wear.

I did manage to get the cards on sale in various Manchester shops including Thunder-Egg, Urbis (formerly the Museum Of the Modern City, which now houses The Football Museum), Magma Books (including it's London branch). Here, for your viewing pleasure are a few of the cards...

 Some of the cards are references to
various movies; including Indiana Jones, 
Star Wars, Kill Bill, The Omen, Reservoir
Dogs and The Wizard of Oz

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