Friday 7 October 2011

Inks for Manchester Art Gallery's Interactive Machine!

The title says it all really. For those that don't know, as well as working freelance I also have a job working at Manchester Art Gallery. Earlier this year I was asked if I'd like to have a crack at doing illustrated interpretations of some of the paintings for their then new Balcony Project. In which gallery decided to fill the balcony space full of paintings and statues; that particular area had been devoid of artworks since Manchester Art Gallery's huge makeover completed in 2002.

Manchester Art Gallery

My interpretations along with written interpretations from other people are availiable to view on a an interactive console in the gallery foyer, situated just below the balcony in question.

Here are my images compliled into one.

Click to enlarge!

The paintings I chose (in descending order) were:
Pymalion and Galatea (1797 Louis Gauffier), Essentially a painting about a sculpture being brought to life in front of it's adoring creator.
Battledore (1906 Leonard Campbell Taylor) In which two middle class women are playing badminton indoors
and The Victory of Appollo (1716 Sir James Thornhill) - image available!! The Greek God Apollo kicking some mythical butt.

I'll leave you to interpret as to just why I came up with those images but suffice to say, I like drawing robots, comics and I've seen Rocky IV more times than anyone has a right to. Though I will be honest about that last one, I knew what I was going to draw after seeing the title alone.

Interesting factoid: The images are actually my first attempt at inking with a brush and I've been doing it ever since.