Wednesday 7 June 2017

BBC: Top Ten Comedy Kit

As you can see, I've given up on comedic-pun titles for this blog, and it's with some degree of irony here because this post deals with comedy.

Following on from my last post, the next many-drawings project for the BBC was The Top Ten Comedy Kit. In a nutshell, a bunch of comedians created top ten lists for a BBC3 short-form series and my job was to turn these lists into illustrated elements. This was done for you, the internet user to "remix" into funny animations on the online Mixital platform.

The official blurb makes more sense, is also longer and less lazily written than mine... HERE

So because Jessie Cave mentions a Haribo ring in "Top Ten Things about My Dream Wedding", I created a mean illustration of a Haribo ring... and so on. Other list providers include Michael Spicer, Jack Carroll, Nish Kumar, Mae Martin, Lazy Susan, Ken Cheng, comedy duo The Pin, Mandem on the Wall, Jamali, Steve Bugeja and Holly Walsh.

I'll put a collage below and then some of my other favourites in full, forgive me if I gush over these; I'm a bit proud of how they turned out.

Some stuff and The Queen. 
Roy Lichtenstein-esq explosions,
the works!

Aw, is that Emma's Special Bow?
(Wiggles reference).

Love the chair. It is based on an actual chair; I'm not a furniture designer.

Look at the shimmer on that. Love the plate.

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