Wednesday 7 June 2017

BBC: Gold Rush with Dan Snow

Hi! ...Last year I created hundreds of illustrations for The BBC (possibly slightly less than a hundred, I didn't count...feels like hundreds). Two projects were responsible for most of these: Operation Gold Rush with Dan Snow and The Top Ten Comedy Kit.

Operation Gold Rush was a series on BBC 2, in which "history guy" Dan Snow and company trail through the wilds of North America and up to Canada's Yukon territory. Info and videos HERE.

From the safety of my shed in the mild and mostly wet UK, I created images and elements for the online video game version (see also link above). Well, not just a game, but also a game maker which alows you to put my drawings to creative use as you create your own levels and goals. Those drawings included...

 Characters: Indians, simple townsfolk, bandits and hunters...

 More characters, such as this beardy prospector
"There's gold in them thar hills etc..."


 Birds such as an owl and Bald Headed Eagle.
These are numbered for potential animation sequencing.

 Dan himself, the hero of the game.

I also created this sweet animation of Dan on a horse.

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