Tuesday 22 April 2014

The Manchester and London Marathon

If I'm an illustrator first, then I'm a runner second. Specifically I'm a member of "Chorlton Runners," though no membership is required. http://www.runningmanchester.com/

Recently a whole bunch of us ran marathons. Chorlton being in South Manchester, meant that many from the club ran the Manchester Marathon, though myself and several others ran London the very next weekend instead. ...Or the "Virgin Money London Marathon" to give it its full contractual title.

I ran London because I was lucky enough to win a place through Chorlton Runners (yay!). ...A wonderful, painful, exhilarating day was had... though this is slightly beside the point because this post is really about who I trained with and moreover who coached me and my fellow marathon runners to overwhelming success. ...(Success as in a) attempting the bloody thing and all the training, (or is that insanity?) or b) just getting through the bloody thing.)

To cut a long story short, by way of thanks from me and the club I dedicated a framed picture to our coach Gavin Cameron. Giver of many, many man-hours; though a self titled "Dark Lord" of blood sweat and tears, he devised our training plan and was on hand pretty much every step of the way. A good man. This picture was presented to him during the post-Manchester marathon party...
Me and Gavin: Incidentally, I was a marshal at the 
Manchester Marathon so felt entitled to join 
in with a celebratory a pint (last one before 
London, the week after - hey, I never said I 
was Mo Farah).

The caricature in all it's glorious fun-poking detail. 
Yes, he does indeed say all those things.

Me, just after finishing the London Marathon. 
Mmmm, tastes like running-bling.

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