Thursday 20 October 2022

Starburst Magazine #479

 With halloween quickly aproaching, we are reminded of the blah blah blah... intro platitude. 

I was hired to create the cover of Manchester's very own Starburst Magazine. Several years ago I made four covers back-to-back and now I have returned to this lovely publication.

Well, I say lovely. The theme of this particular cover is horror. Featuring a host of horror icons, this cover was as much about layout trickery as drawing because the characters are all crammed in tighter than a mall full of zombies.

Bruce Campbell, synonymous with cult,
horror; Evil Dead, practically a shoe-in.

And the final cover with adjustments

Alien, Dracula (Christopher Lee), Buffy, Eleven (Stranger Things) and The Creature from the Black Lagoon are all strutting their stuff, but if Texas Chainsaw Massacre-ing isn't your thing, order the magazine anyway. It's full of reviews, articles and all sorts. Stay in the loop with Starburst, order yours today!! 

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