Thursday 8 October 2015

BBC Heaven!

Vizii? Mixital? ...Internet? ...What do these words even mean? Well, the BBC have a thing online called Mixital, which has in turn a sub-thing called Vizii.

"Mixital's a BBC site that turns players and viewers into creators.
We've designed easy-to-use tools for young people over 13 years old to make and share things like visuals and stories."

"Vizii is a new tool aimed at kids and teens, allowing them to 'visualise' music and the spoken word and available on the mixital platform"

So Mixital is the platform and Vizii is the tool. It has taken me a while to get my head around this. Basically kids can make music videos by dragging a load of pre-set elements into a video maker to accompany a music track. I created some of those elements.

The tracks include such artists and bands as The Staycations, Asylums, Blooms, Monogram, Rukhsana Merrise, Rawschac, Alex Vargas, Jayelldee and Lorelai (presumably not to be confused with the Alan Tam song from Armour Of God starring Jackie Chan). If none of this makes sense, just go to the bloody site: BBC MIXITAL and VIZII

I created images of people playing guitars, banging drums, jumping around, texting (as kids are want to do). I put some of those elements together for my own sites like thus:

 That is "sick."

 Gnarly! ...That's still a word right? She bangs the drum
whilst wearing a dinosaur onesie. A DINOSAUR ONESIE.

 Wicked! (That means the opposite of wicked.) The Texting Astronaut.