Monday 26 January 2015

Microsoft "Cortana" (not a Ford Cortina).

I created storyboards for a Microsoft "Cortana" advert starring BMX ace Danny MacAskill. The final ad is available to watch right HERE (you tube). Once again, that's me creating images for Microsoft, a fairly big deal and hopefully a platform to get more storyboard work.

Cortana is described as "an intelligent personal assistant on Windows Phones, PC's and tablets." Conversely I used pretty much the oldest media in human civilization in order to help THEM visualise an advert that probably cost many £millions to make.

I don't use a smart phone or a tablet so this is was all news to me... nor have they sent me one for my efforts!

There are 15 frames in total, created with pencil and a brush pen. My preferred method is to fit three frames on one sheet of A4 paper with each frame at 16 x 9cm ...conforming to the now standard 16:9 ratio. This leaves room for any notes on the sides, for either the client or for me to clarify the action.

Got it? Good!

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