Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Traditional Comic Book Inkage 1: Poster for Cinema in Fife, Scotland

So, my first post.

Thought I'd cut right to it and post my newest drawing. The thing I am into at the moment is inking comic-book style with a brush; so it was with a degree of "geek-thusiasm" that I embarked on a commission from Stewart Sutherland of Podcast on Fire (go there if you like East-Asian cinema, do not delay).
He volunteers at a "community" cinema in Leven, Fife and they are having a "Superhero Weekend" 12th - 14th Aug check the website if you are in the area.

I mention the whole inking thing because I think it's worth noting that you cannot achieve this kind of stuff with a technical pen. I have kind-of known this for a while but never had the balls or the inclination to give brushes a whirl until recently; when I started on my own comic book. More on that later.
So, I had a list of movies to include on the poster and therefore a wealth of characters to toy with; DC and Marvel. I also didn't want to draw Heath Ledger OR do a poster in which the muscle-bound are being "so serious" all flying towards the viewer, being holier than thou (like something by Alex Ross - whom I admire greatly all the same). Superhero films are fun right?

So I had the super's as if they are WATCHING the movies. Ha! It had to be; breaking the fourth wall like the Hulk smashes, erm walls. Initially I thought of having the characters as if they are shooting a movie in Fife, including some local landmarks. But the idea of committing to something so epic instantly made me want to give up, make another cup of tea and watch crap telly.
Coloured and composited in Photoshop. I would like to point out that the font I used is not comic sans but something called "Lito Lapad." Which is all nice on account of not being comic sans. All critiques welcome.

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