Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Alice and the Invaders From Wonderland

I do comics now, it's almost official.

First mentioned in a previous post a couple of years ago, this sequel to the famous works of 19th century author Lewis Caroll is at the stage where several pages have been created and are now in the process of being submitted for potential publication.

Small children in peril; 
guaranteed page turner.

Writer (and comic book artist in his own right), Bret M. Herholz brought me on board to this project an embarrasingly long time ago, in fact if patience is a virtue, then Bret is a man who seemingly has it in spades (and hearts, clubs and diamonds in case you wondered if pun was intended). Finally though it has begun to take shape and I'm pleased to say it has been a joy to scribble thus far. I genuinely feel like a comic book artist at times. It's a good feeling!

"Someone" to the rescue, but whom??

My role is pencils and inks, whilst Bret (aside from writing) handles colours, lettering and those fiddly speech bubbles. This is Bret's blog http://www.bretmherholz.com/ which contains reams of his own published works. This project also has its very own cinematic trailer...


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