Sunday, 8 July 2018

Three Lions

It's a blisteringly hot summer and England are smashing their way through the World Cup. Like planets in alignment (which presumably are not usually aligned) this is nice, rare and people seem to be pleased.

I feel like I am now playing a very small part in this national fervour; I was hired by BBC Sport again - this time to create a bombastic image of England as they clambered dramatically into the quarter finals.

Commissioning of the image was dependent on England beating Columbia in the last 16, so I had a lot riding on that game. ...Yes, for the usual reasons; I need the work, I need the exposure, but it was more than that. I was gripped and I wanted England to win, just as I want them to beat Croatia in the semi final. This is like 1990 again, a rap is needed, someone wheel out New Order!

So for any fellow illustrators out there, or anyone interested in the process, here goes...
 I was asked to depict Harry Kane, Gareth Southgate
and Jordan Pickford, riding lions. The background
was not really envisioned by this point, so I'd get to that later. First thing 
was this sketch. ^

 The nice folks at BBC Sport suggested they should look
as if going into battle, which is why alongside adding the England
 banner, my original "happy" Harry Kane head had to be ditched...

 In favour of this one! For the record, drawn by hand, scanned
and then photoshopped into place. Despite the extra time taken,
I fully agree with the change. 

I'm also not a massive football nut, "Kane" is still totally
the bad guy from Robocop 2.

 That's the final square-format version. you can see it 
on the BBC Sport Instagram HERE

 Here's a close up. Big heads retain a cartoon, caricature "carry on" vibe.
Well otherwise it's all snarls, war and plumes of smoke, got to have a bit of fun.
Plus it gives me more canvas space to get the looks right. 

Here's a snapshot of the BBC Sport England V Sweden
live web thing. That's the 16x9 version of the image.

Oh go on then, "it's coming home". 

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Alice and the Invaders from Wonderland, continues...

More images from the upcoming comic. Really pleased with how it's looking and how it pushes me to get creative in ways that I don't usually get from clients. Big shout out of course to author (and talented scribbler in his own right) Bret M. Herholz.

These images are pre-lettering, basically continues the story the Queen of Hearts invading our dimension and taking over. She's evil like that. Featuring The Mad hatter, The Cheshire Cat, The March Hare, The Dormouse and a "bandersnatch". Lots of "The's" ...I want to be a "The."



A picture of Spock for a friend of mine on his birthday. Everyone and his grandmother knows about Spock, so on with the post...

Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end. 
From Star Trek VI, which is in my top two
Star Trek films.

Quite pleased with it, I've become a fan of just black and grey ink. 

Monday, 25 June 2018

Paul Draws Pets

Check the facebook page for details: HERE

Basically, you send me pics, I send you original art. With a little bit of money in-between.

 all the animals...
even more dogs! 

Comic Madness!!

I was commissioned by, let's say, an office worker to create a couple of comic pages for a colleague who was leaving. The details don't matter.

 Featuring flying monkeys, a robotic hive-mind
Angela Merkel, The Queen, Brussels and stuff that 
doesn't make a load of sense unless you're one of those pictured.

If I can blow my own trumpet for a second; I'm pleased with how I interpreted the script and how much I was able to cram into single A3 sheets of paper. ...Yep, it was all drawn by hand just as you see it. colouring and text was done in Photoshop though, I'm not a total Luddite.  

Fancy the Queen!

I doodled over a fiver as part of a project called "fiversforartistic". Why? Not entirely sure, but I was approached to do so and some really famous artists were also in on this.

In their own words... (LINK)

"The aim of “FIVERSFORARTISTIC” is to collect 200 old fivers and convince important contemporary artists to sign and then decorate the fiver in any way they wish making the note completely original. Artistic will then auction the collection of fivers to raise enough money to launch Artistic as a CIO charity. We have had a great response so far  from some amazing artists ranging from Peter Blake to Mason Storm and the wonderful duos of Gilbert and George and the Chapman Brothers. We have now collected 57 completed fivers but we desperately need more . Where is the BANKSY fiver ? We have a wonderful note from the incredibly lovely Damien Hirst. Come on let’s make this happen in 2018 ? We know it can be done!"

Here's my effort:

On the £5 note I received, I noticed the letters "MD" - if you look closely you can see MD circled on the note itself. Now consider the following: I'm a fan of the Sega Megadrive (or Genesis if you're in the US) often, particularly in Japan, abbreviated to "MD". I am also a fan of thrash band Megadeth. 

So I decided to aim for an early 90s "radical" queen. There is something deeper here though: the reduction and distillation of the 60s counter cultural rebellion into marketing tools geared solely towards making money. Hence rebellion as "illusion" rather than as reality. 

Umm, the end.

Many Mel Smiths

Author and film nut Jon Spira hired me to create 36 portraits of late comedian and actor Mel Smith. The images were created to go alongside the launch of Book #1 of the Forgotten Film Club Series, which focuses on Smith's "unremembered" classic Morons From Outer Space.

Go and order it TODAY!!!

A great little project, for which I am thankful. HERE is a link to Jon's Kickstarter.

 Smith of course is the legand from 
Not The Nine O'clock News, Alas Smith and Jones...
...directed The Tall Guy, rocked around the
Christmas tree with Kim Wilde...